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Only a few days left before the start of Yielding2019

Our Satellite workshop about the yielding phenomena in disordered systems is about to start in a few days in Bariloche, Argentina.
We’re very excited about so many first class scientists coming to join us in Bariloche. Check out the program!

Workshop on yielding phenomena in amorphous systems

We are organizing a STATPHYS27 satellite workshop in Bariloche, 2-5 July 2019, on yielding in amorphous materials and related phenomena.  Save the date!

Third workshop of CC&B – 9 Oct Milano

Happy to be part of the third workshop of the Center for Complexity & Biosystems, University of Milan, with a broad interdisciplinary scope.

Coming back from Advances in Complex Systems (Lake Como School of Advanced Studies)

Last week has been full of nice discoveries at LCSAS . Physics has still a lot to say about biological systems. Thanks to Stefano Zapperi, Caterina La Porta and Mikko Alava for bringing together some great speakers and given us the opportunity to participate.


My visit to Aalto University (Finland)

I have visited the CSM group at Aalto University in Helsinki, and attended the International Workshop on Machine Learning for Materials Science that was organized there. Many thanks to Lasse Laurson and Mikko Alava for their kind hospitality!

I have participated at MMM-Dijon

Few weeks ago I had the pleasure to participate at the 8th Multiscale Materials Modeling (MMM) international conference in Dijon, France, where I presented our work on the avalanche statistics near the yielding transition. It was a week full of interesting discussions and new motivating ideas. Thanks to the symposium D organizers for the opportunity.

Coming back from STATPHYS26 in Lyon

These have been great days of a magnificent conference in Statistical Physics in Lyon, the STATPHYS26. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity of participating and, even more, for having the chance to give a talk surrounded by the greatest physicists in the field.

Not only it was a beautiful week in terms of science, but also on the football side. Our team “The Americas” (picture below) won the Statphys2016 World Cup!

But maybe the greatest news is that STATPHYS27 will be held in Argentina! This is a wonderful chance and a big challenge for our local community. See you all in Buenos Aires in 2019!


I have just participated in “Statistical physics of materials” in Aussois, France, ….

where I presented my talk “Avalanche statistics at the yielding transition of amorphous solids -driving rate dependence and inertial effects-“.

I would like to thank the organizers Mikko J. Alava, Lasse Laurson, Stephane Santucci and Stefano Zapperi, for the very nice StatPhys26 satellite meeting we had, in a very nice place in the Alps.

I have met there for the first time many interesting people. Now I would be able to match last names with faces when I read their papers :^) .

One-day workshop on depinning and yielding on July 6, 2016 in Grenoble

Together with Elisabeth Agoritsas and Alejandro Kolton, our visitor from Bariloche, we are organizing a mini-workshop in Grenoble about “Dynamical phase transitions in driven systems: contrasting depinning and yielding”. The list of invited speakers and more details about the meeting can be find here.

CECAM Workshop in Lyon

I will be participating in “The flow of amorphous solids: from atomistic simulations to Earth Science applications” to be held in Lyon from June 15 to 17, 2016. I am looking forward for interesting discussions!