Since I’m doing my first experiences as a postdoc my research main focus it’s not completely defined yet and I’m open to new challenges. But, so far, my current interests are related to the statistical physics of disordered systems, generally speaking, and the interplay between non-equilibrium phenomena and the thermodynamics of phase transitions.
These are the subjects I’ve been working on:
  • Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena. First order phase transitions. Spinodals.
  • Relaxational dynamics in spin systems. Monte Carlo simulations of the 2D q-state Potts model.
    Nucleation, coarsening, dynamically arrested states, glassiness.
  • Short Time Dynamics (STD) methods.
  • Disordered elastic systems in condensed matter. Dynamics of ferromagnetic and ferroelectric domain walls.
    Quenched Edwards-Wilkinson model. Depinning transition. Creep.
    Phi4 model with and without long range interactions. Magnetic patterns. Structural phase transitions.
    Monte Carlo simulations of the 2D Heissenberg model with local anisotropies. AC magnetism. Hysteresis.
  • Mesoscopic models of amorphous systems.
  • Spin Glasses. Dynamical heterogeneities. Edwards-Anderson model. Potts Glass model.
In the mean-time I’ve also got immersed in this particular interdisciplinary field where I’ve been doing some development and teaching.
  • Computational physics. High performance computing on GPUs.
These are some topics that I know that I would like to work on, hopefully, some day
  • Jamming. Colloids. Hard Spheres.
  • Complex systems. Ecology.
  • Econophysics.