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They gave me the PUMPS 2015 “best poster award”

It has been a very instructive week in Barcelona at PUMPS 2015. It was a great surprise to be selected by the organizers for the best porter award, and receive a brand new NVIDIA GTX 980 !!!
I’m thankful to the organizers for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself in this international GPGPU community. My poster and 1-slide presentation were basically a resume of my work in physics using GPU computing.

Special Mention in J.J. Giambiagi Prize 2013

Recently we were honored with a Special Mention by the Argentinean Physics Society (AFA) to my PhD Thesis in the framework of the Juan José Giambiagi Prize 2013. This prize is awarded every year by AFA to “recognize outstanding work in the implementation and defense in the country of a doctoral thesis in physics”. This year’s prize corresponded to theoretical physics thesis defended in the biennium 2011-2012, the winner was Dr. Leandro Cieri for his thesis “Production of particles at hadron colliders”. Congratuations to Leandro and to his PhD advisor Daniel de Florian for this prize.